It's time...

to dive right in!  Make a plan for spiritual development by engaging in at least 1 thing from each of the 3 possible ways to engage at SAF.
Engagement is not about the "right choice." It's about taking a leap... dare we say...  of faith?
 God will meet you where you are, so choose a path like you're choosing your own adventure, because you are! 


It's not just Sunday Service at 11am:
It's Picnics...SA Trivia Night...Family Game Night, & various other events. Meeting on campus reminds us
we are not alone. 

We. Have. Fun!
Grab the lawn chairs, blankets, basketballs or gaga balls! Or, come to a class and learn with others on the journey with God.  We offer many opportunities to join together.

Go to: events and schedules.


Do you watch online? Do you like connecting with others and leaning into God through using digital resources? We have that... From content to connection.

Dig into more content!

SAF Community Board (on FB)


Stay intentional!
You can join a small group, volunteer,  attend a class, or join a "campus group" so that you keep plugged in.
Virtual, digital, or live, groups matter.

Connection is key!
*Groups are seasonal
Join a Small Group
Explore the Class Schedule

Stay Connected!

Individual Growth

We want you to be able to grow in your faith on the daily!
 Check out our resource page to find books and podcasts that are helpful.
Check back often, as the page will be updated regularly! 

Track Your Growth

Charles Wesley said we need to ask each other "How goes it with your soul?"  We wholeheartedly agree! We also believe we need to ask ourselves this question... and then answer honestly. Only by doing this can we really know where are and where we are headed. Still, it's hard to actually accomplish this!
Try the RPMS method by Dave Ferguson to start tracking how you are doing. 

Can we help you make a plan for spiritual growth?

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About Us

Get to know more about what makes us different.

We are a community that seeks unity through diversity. SAF has beed described as a friendly and authentic community that will welcome you with open arms.  Whether you choose a house church or attend the on campus service,* SAF is an inviting atmosphere where you won't feel judged or have to put on a show.  Come in your t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops or a three piece suit.... everyone is welcomed and accepted here. 
The Mission:
To make Christ-like disciples in San Antonio through investing in body, mind, and spirit because of God's grace.

The Vision:
The vision of San Antonio First Church is to mobilize a community of authentic believers who live out the reality of the gospel.

*on campus services are subject to change based on current public health efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.