The SAF Campus

To "do church" well, we prioritize
serving our community at large.

We are a Community Campus!

SAF is here for the community!  Our campus is open to the public, and our facilities are open for reservation and rent. We don't lock our gates when the church service is done... in fact, we don't have any gates, so come on in!

Basketball Courts

Our lighted courts are open to the public! Come play pick up games, just relax, or do some practice. 

Playground and Fields 

Grab the kids and let them out to play!  Please stay with your kids.

Team Sports

Our fields are open for reservation by teams and fitness groups. Use the contact form to request more information. 


Rent our facilities! We currently host Crisis Intervention Training, homeschools, and more! See how we can serve your group!
We invite everyone to join us for church on Sunday mornings.  But as many of us know, sometimes "church" is a late night chat, or a workout with a friend , or a picnic with friends and family. Not ready for a church service yet? That's okay... do church on campus with friends, or come out to meet new friends. God meets us there. 
Did you know that we host many programs in our community? 

Let's work together!

Would you like to reserve or rent space for your organization or event?
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